Lost iPod Touch

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by , 02-19-2013 at 09:53 PM (882 Views)
Today's post isn't about quilting, but about electronics safety ...

My grandson lost my iPod Touch last night at our local Fred Meyer store. He left it in the cart (in excitement over the new Batman figure I bought him). The $4.99 Batman toy is going to cost me almost $400!!!!!

I learned today that I could have had a password on it to lock it so if I lost it (which I did) no one would be able to access the information on it. If you have one and it doesn't have a password yet, please do it.

I also learned that since I have backed it up to iCloud I can try to locate it once it connects to the in ternet. Not sure how this would work if it was locked, but I guess it does.

Also, I was very happy that I am not in the habit of keeping any account numbers and/or passwords on my iPod - those would be in the hands of whomever has my iPod and I shudder to think what could be going on with my financial accounts!

I am trying to figure out how long I am willing to wait before logging in and wiping the entire device clean. Once that is done, it is lost to me forever.

I also found out today that the Apple store will help me set up my new one when I get it to keep it safe and they have free classes to help me learn to get the most out of it --- why didn't I know about these before?????

The one thing that bothers me the most about this loss is that someone out there found it and chose not to turn it in to the customer service desk ... I will never understand people who would keep something like this when they have to know how expensive it is and how bad they would feel if they lost it and someone found it and decided to keep it as their own.
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