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Magic Pinwheels just like a Lil twisters with apologies to Souptown

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by , 02-04-2012 at 06:40 PM (1377 Views)
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Here's my magic pinwheels that seems similar to the new pinwheel templates that are so popular now.
I found a charm pack at Walmart to test this out. I used 25 charms (5 per row) and added a 3" border.
I put clear tape on my ruler and traced the lines from the instruction sheet.

This is the first time I've posted with multiple pics.....I'm hoping everything shows up ok

This is how I did my template.
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This shows the ruler lined up on the fabric
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I'd like more variation, but didn't want to overthink this test!
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  1. Rntraveler's Avatar
    Nice job! I did the same thing at Christmas with a small tree...tape works great!
  2. LeslieFrost's Avatar
    Thanks for the pictures of this! I think I'm starting to understand the technique. It does turn out very cute! I wonder what would happen if you approximated the placement of the rule, rather than doing it precisely? Hmm, I feel an attack of Gwen Marston coming on!

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