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I grew up in the quad cities in Illinois and our big treat was to go to the Maid Rite for sandwiches. I would love to have the real recipe for these sandwiches. They are loose ground beef and served with the "standard" of mustard, onion and pickle. I think the gr. beef was steamed with coca cola or something. Such a yummy sandwich and every time we go "home" I must visit a Maid-Rite restaurant.

If anyone has the recipe for these sandwiches I would love to try it.
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  1. Johanna Fritz's Avatar
    I did a simple Google search and came up with several highly rated ones. One at Cooks.com is for the crock pot.
  2. Jean D's Avatar
    I heard on a radio cooking show that they simmered the ground beef in water with chicken bullion slowly until the water cooked out. So you are almost "steaming" the beef. I use one bullion cube to a pound of beef and 1 and a half cups of water-cook slowly in skillet breaking up hamburger frequently - the real maid-rites! Let me know what you think!
  3. handi's Avatar
    i live in greenville ohio. We have a maidrite here. It is so busy. People come from all over to have a maidrite. They use ground chuck. Sugar/pepper and steaming vs frying. I also heard they use beer. The alcohol cooks out. Great sandwiches. i have made these with out the beer and they taste very good. Not alot of sugar.

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