Making block bigger

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by , 07-26-2019 at 06:45 AM (82 Views)
I'm trying to find the easy way of making a 9 1/2 unfinished block larger to a 24 inch finished. I'm not good at math. So it very frustrating.
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  1. WendyMcD's Avatar
    What about just adding stripes until you are there? That's the sort of thing I will do, just did on the back of my quilt from last weekend. It's cheating and viola, no math.
  2. quiltergeek's Avatar
    I think you are saying you have a pattern for a 9" finished block, and you want to make the same design in a 24" finished block. Without seeing the pattern, it is very difficult to give easy instructions to enlarge it. Because the math is complicated for increasing to 267% of the original size, you may want to just redraw the pattern on a large piece of paper at 24" square, add all your 1/4" seam allowances, and measure each of the resulting pieces for a cutting pattern. Have you considered making 27" blocks instead? Then each piece is 3 times the original, plus seam allowances.

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