Marking a quilt

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by , 01-03-2013 at 08:22 PM (757 Views)
Any tips on marking a quilt prior to home machine quilting? I am getting ready to machine quilt a flannel quilt (I am still in the practicing stage of machine quilting, but vow to get there!)

Chalk wears off, pencil lead does not show, the blue water soluble pens don't show up on dark fabric. I had bought the clover white pen, but it does not work at all!

Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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  1. myothsec's Avatar
    You might try either a silver pencil from Hobby Lobby in the art department, or I used a white dressmaker's pencil on my brown flannel quilt and it washed out fine.
  2. Vessel's Avatar
    I've used washable Crayola markers and draw my designs to quilt over. It does wash out, I do spray the quilt with spray and wash, plus add some Pinesol to your washing water and all marks will be gone. I've had to wash a few twice before to remove marker marks but it works great for seeing on dark fabrics. I also air dry may quilts inside or outside by draping over tall step ladder. Washable Markers are great even the off brands do fine too! I also draw on tissue paper and pen tone quilt and sew on the paper. However this is not my favorite way of quilting, since picking the paper off is tedious, but does work.

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