Marshalls Dry Goods Batesville, Ar

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Leaving for a short quilt fabric shopping trip to Marshall's Dry Goods and Paducah, Ky in a few weeks. I have saved my pennies and plan on buying a rather large stash. I plan on retiring in 8 years and I know finances will be tighter then than now, so preparing my hobbies for the future. How many HOURS should I plan on spending at each store - Marshall's Dry Goods, Hancock's of Paducah and Quilt In A Day in Paducah? We plan on arriving at Marshalls around 1 PM on my first day. I think they close at 5 PM. I'm also hoping to find some Accuquilt accessories at a good price.
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  1. leaha's Avatar
    Have never been to Marshall's so no help there, but I go to Handcocks of Paducah a couple times a month, at least, I can spend the whole day there, be sure to check out the end of the bolts tables, both the one in the front of the store and the one in the back, it has Batiks, and I always check out the backing ends also. Have a great time.
  2. Sla's Avatar
    Never been to Marshall's, but this summer I took a trip with a couple other quilts in Texas and we spent an average of about 2.5 to 3 hours in each store we visited. I was surprised how fast time flies when you are shopping with others. So much fun. Have a fantastic trip!
  3. sandy999's Avatar
    Quilt in a Day won't take long but plan on some time to go through Hancocks. I went there last month. Actually went one day but just had to go back for a second time the next day. What fun.

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