Martelli cutter all gunked up

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by , 12-01-2012 at 04:00 PM (1736 Views)
Just purchased my Martelli rotary cutter on 11/9/2012. Worked well until today when the blade cover would not pop open. Rolled it along my $139 Martelli cutting board as directed in the instructions and the blue on my board smeared! The only way I could get the blade exposed was to mannually open it. I took the blade out, and the whole inside of the cutter is gunked up with black stuff which is probably what made it stick, not open and damage my board. What a disappointment in a very expensive investment. Anyone else have this problem? Nowhere in any of my documentation did I see anything about cleaning the blades or rotary cutter.
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  1. redhotnana's Avatar
    I'm showing my ignorance, but please explain to me about a Martelli cutter and board. To be so expensive, it must not be the run-of-the-mill cutting board and rotary cutter I am used to. What is it, and how can I found out more about it? So sorry you are having problems after paying for a first-class product!

    Redhotnana from Alabama
  2. gailani's Avatar
    Martelli Enterprises designs high quality quilting, sewing and crafting supplies and tools, from rotary cutters and cutting mats to longarm quilting machines. They do a lot of research and testing to guarantee high quality products. The rotary cutter I'm talking about is a one of a kind with an ergonomic grip. The rulers absolutely do NOT slip!! Expensive, but great stuff. I contacted them regarding the gunked up rotary cutter - heard back from them within an hour or so, and the owner emailed and asked me to call her on Monday and said, "we will take care of you!!" Impressive. Here's the link to their store:
  3. gailani's Avatar
    Talked to Valarie at Martelli's this morning regarding my issues. WOW, do they stand behind their products!! She told me how to clean the cutter and what caused it (the glue on the new ruler I bought hadn't been dried properly). She's replacing my mat ($129 value) and will replace the ruler ($1xx value) if it gunks up my cutter again. Very impressed with their service!!
  4. JEM65's Avatar
    I have met Dave Martelli at two shows in the last year. This family owned business will take great pains to take care of their customers. I'm glad that you got a great customer service in a quick amount of time. I love their products.
  5. msmariab5's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear that! I bought their original black handle one many years ago, and it broke, within a couple months. They were good to replace it with the new red handle at a show. When I got home I noticed that the blade has a lot of black lint inside. I immediately emailed them with a picture of the cutter. Whoever I talked to was so indiffernt and just said that they didn't sell used cutters. Which was not what I was saying that maybe they demo with it and accidently gave me that one. I will never buy their products.
  6. Jingle's Avatar
    I am happy with the more reasonable priced fiskar products. I have a cutter and mats I have have used for 10+ years. I have cut out lots and lots of quilts and comforters.
  7. PatriceJ's Avatar
    there are tools we buy, and tools in which we invest.
    martelli products are an investment.

    i'm so cheap my skates won't roll, so i have only one martelli cutter.
    i have friends who won't buy or use anything else.
    in all the years i've been hearing about the company i have never heard anything but glowing raves of praise about the products, the people, and the service.

    i'm very surprised to read about msmariab5's experience. i am not saying - or even implying - that it didn't happen. but i doooooo recommend calling them one more time. i'll bet they fix that glitch in a heartbeat.

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