Mid arm quilting

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by , 03-20-2014 at 05:45 PM (671 Views)
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I need advise from quilters who use a mid arm machine on a quilting frame . I am thinking about buying a quilting frame for my Brother 1500S - I am concerned about the smaller quilting space due to the smaller throat. I need to hear opinions before I decide a frame is worth it . I have back problems and thought a frame is the way to go without spending big $$ on a longarm .
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  1. Robi's Avatar
    I just posted a Hinterberg Stretch frame and Max Throat for sale. the Max Throat allows the quilter to move the quilt back and forth and provides deeper quilting space with ones own sewing machine. I live in Sacramento. Interested?
  2. pw6's Avatar
    spend the extra money you will not regret it, I have a shorter throat and wish I had not bought the first machine setup I saw locally.

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