Resources for fixing up sewing machines

It amazes me to look at the engineering in the old machines. They were so intricate and yet they have held up over such a long time. My old Singer 403 was all metal even the gears. I also have an old Necchi Nora - it has a broken plastic stitch length adjuster so it is now a parts machine - The Bernina and the Elna have nylon gears. I guess the sewing machine companies were fooling around with plastics and nylon back then - The machine works are a wonder though. Each of them is different in how they work. It totally fascinates me. Then I look at an old Japanese straight stitch. No nonsense there. It is so amazing how these are put together!!! You sure don't see much when you look in the new plastic and stamped metal machines - is it any wonder they don't hold up and you can't get anybody to repair them??? Yeah I have a bunch of old machines. Yeah the DILs think I'm a hoarder... well, they are correct. (AND I hoard fabric too - OH, the shame of it all...) I guess I can't bear to see those old machines discarded by the same people that talk about everything being 'green'... Wanna go green? Get a vintage sewing machine and learn to use it - re-make some clothes instead of discarding them. Ok you might have to piece them together or make t shirt quilts or make some quilts out of old clothes or buy fabric at a yard sale - BUT go green!


  1. These are som links to posts I've made on sewing repairs

    by , 12-19-2011 at 04:11 AM (Resources for fixing up sewing machines)
  2. Bennet has some good posts on QB too

    by , 12-19-2011 at 03:23 AM (Resources for fixing up sewing machines) this is on how to thread the dreaded White family bobbin case!!! I have a machine just like this one I'm trying to fix up. ...

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