Missing My Dad

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by , 12-22-2012 at 10:06 PM (839 Views)
My Dad passed away 2 years ago this months. My parents had just celebrated their 50 th Anniversary. They had known one another for well over that more like 60 +++++. They grow up in the same area, Mom played this his cousin.

Dad had been not feeling good and had started having pain in his feet. It just got worse and Mom took him to the ER and they admitted him to the hospital. We had just had their party and Dad keep calling to have me start their Golden Anniversary scrapbook and their quilt.

In that lies my problem I have tried to start the scrapbook and quilt but I'm having trouble focusing on both of them. I went to do them but its hard. I start talking about them and Mom tear up. We all miss him so and I need help to get past the block. We went to the cemetery today the take a small Christmas tree to Dad(Papa),and we all cried.

I'm up for any help you may be able to pass on. Claudette

Merry Christmas to all my quilting and crafting friends.
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  1. Florida Gal's Avatar
    You were very lucky to have had your Dad for so many years. I was too. He died at the age of 97. Think of all the kids who loose their parents at a young age. Like to cancer. We are very fortunate. Think of his life as a celebration.
  2. theandersonhouse's Avatar
    I had helped my mom quilt almost all my life, had always wanted to do a quilt of my own but between working and my family i just couldn`t seem to have the time. Then my mom passed away. Other changes had happened in my life, my dad passed away, my daughter married and moved away and my husbands grandmother we had seen to passed away. I was lost! It seemed as tho I just had to make that quilt to prove to my mom I could. It was very comforting to me and it just seemed like I was closer to her. When I got started it just seemed like I couldn`t stop. Maybe it will comfort you and your mother will love both of them
  3. GefilteQuilt's Avatar
    Claudette, your comments touched my heart. Right now, my 87 year old dad is going through repeated hospitalizations - each visit seems to make things worse. I agree with the comment that you may not be emotionally ready to make the quilt right now. It is a very, very difficult thing to do, especially in the beginning. As you proceed, however, it will get easier - and more healing, I promise. You may find that if you just START, just set a goal of doing one little thing, you'll get into it.
  4. read2me1989's Avatar
    I lost my mother this past February 3rd and I know exactly how you feel. I wasn't able to sew for probably a year prior to her death because she was so ill and I spent any free time I had with her & my dad. My dad is doing fairly well considering he is 88 and they would have been married 64 years the 29th of February (yes, they got married on Leap Year day on a dare by some good friends LOL). Anyway, I have a couple of good friends doing their best to get me motivated and I've gone to a couple of PIP classes at my local quilt shop. Hang in there--hopefully we will all get the sewing bug and make beautiful things.
  5. Andii's Avatar
    My heart is with you.
    My Dad passed away six years ago but his birthday is Christmas Eve so I always think of him at Christmas. I have many of his shirts and jeans to make a quilt with and just this year I have started cutting takes time.

    Maybe that could a project for us all for next year...or maybe the next.

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