More Gyotaku Japanese Fish Printed Pillows

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by , 09-18-2013 at 05:54 PM (1124 Views)
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Are you using a real dead fish?
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  1. Caro's Avatar
    Are you using a real dead fish?
  2. olga10's Avatar
    How did you do the fish pictures? These are beautiful!
  3. primitivejan's Avatar
    I have done this type of print and yes, you do use a real dead fish. You need to pack all the, sorry, orifices, and then you roll the paint onto the fish and then press it onto your fabric. Now the ones I did, I did on a good printing paper and on a nice rice or papyrus paper. I haven't done it on fabric but I am assuming that it is the same procedure but you will need to launder the fabric after the paint is set or dried. Its really a fun process and I did it will a small octopus too.
  4. Kathryn Garcia's Avatar
    Yes I did use real fish that my brother Andrew caught. He is a commercial fisherman. There are two fish here, one is a Queen Snapper on the first pillow. While the last pillow I used a Jack. When I was preparing the Jack I found his mouth full of fry obviously he was eating when netted! I tried using them to print but they were too delicate, so I just painted on with a brush. I tried just washing in the machine, but the smell would still be there when I ironed. So I soak in paint thinners for 30 minuted (like when doing Batiking) and the cloth comes out sooooo beautiful and soft. I then re-wash in the machine. Would love to try an octopus! I think I'll head for the grocery store!
  5. Grace creates's Avatar
    O my goodness how beautiful What kind of paint did and paint thinner did you use this is so awesome

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