Most difficult quilt continues

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by , 08-20-2019 at 02:23 PM (62 Views)
I want to thank everyone for their comments on the last entry. I have been taking notes and did see Jordan fabrics tutorial on the Lone Star to get an idea how to do the half square triangles instead of Y seams.

I stopped procrastinating and brought the quilt off the design wall to trim the HST on the points and sew the points together. I then squared up each square before sewing the four squares together. I didn't have a square ruler big enough so I relied on my mat's measurements. I did okay and ended up having to sew the border around the middle star a scant quarter inch so I didn't cut into the points too deeply. You see, the squaring wasn't exactly correct and had to be re-trimmed. Did I mention I'm flying by the seat of my pants without a pattern.

I am learning new things and thankfully my mom is on the ready to help me out of a jam. The jam I got into today was the center star was not exactly as I patterned it on my computer and had to be trimmed down. That meant the top and bottom star set, that I already sewed, needed to be trimmed down. I kicked myself for sewing the sashing between the stars before the center was completed. It would have been a lot easier to trim the sashing. But all I needed to ease in was a half inch! My mom to the rescue and said just sew inside the sashing seams a thread width and see if that brings in it. Eureka! It worked! I didn't have to seam rip all the sashing out!

Now I can finish this by next week because all it needs now are the top and bottom borders of the star, the star row, and three outer borders. Yay! I've put up the bottom part of the quilt as it sits today.

Let's say the next quilt won't be quite so complicated.
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