Must Love Dogs

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by , 04-23-2012 at 12:06 PM (889 Views)
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This is from the pattern Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. I drew off some additional dogs, painted eyes on, and made it in bright colors.

It took a long time because I was "helped" by 4 male black lab puppies I offered to foster for the local shelter. I got them when they were 3 1/2 weeks and they are now 12 weeks old. They were part of a litter of 13 dumped out in a laundry basket when the shelter was closed. I haven't been able to find homes for any of them so I guess they are my babes forever.
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  1. Judith1005's Avatar
    Your quilt is adorable. I love all the little details you added. Yor puppies are darlin.
  2. Kenfaw's Avatar
    love the quilt and you for opening your heart and home to rescue/foster these dogs.
  3. Cat Mad Quilter's Avatar
    Wow that is commitment - I applaud you. The animals so need people like you to stand up for them. I too love the quilt, although in my mind the animals are cats of course! It's got me thinking. I knew there was a reason I logged on to the site today after so very long. Thanks for the inspiration.
  4. fred singer's Avatar
    your quilt is lovely.I hope that you can find good homes for all the puppies.

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