My Evolving Space

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by , 01-09-2018 at 04:58 PM (276 Views)
In the Fall of 2013 our basement was finally finished and I would get a dedicated sewing area! The posibilities were endless and I didn't want to make the "wrong" decision on cabinets and create something I hated. At first I thought I would get a dedicated room all to my self but that didn't happen. It turns out I really enjoy sewing in the same space as the TV and Toys. The space is big enough for all three and I can sew and still be a part of everything, supervising kids or watching TV and football. Each of the 3 have a dedicated area and the kids know not to enter the sewing corner with out permission. Scissors are NEVER to be taken from my area and you must ask if you want anything that may be stored there. This works for our family and I love that I can sew and still be part of the family instead of hidden away in a tiny room.

Until now, my fabric was stored in plastic drawers and bins. It was neat enough but after four years I quickly was running out of storage. The bins were organized by color but I had to dig every time I needed fabric. A friend gave me a huge bin (33x20x14 or 116 quarts) of fabric after her mother passed. I was so excited to recieve the fabric but the bin had no real home and I just kept moving it from place to place to get to other things I needed. This just wasn't working. I needed a plan but was afraid to make the wrong choice and have to live with something I hated. My husband kept telling me he would build what ever I needed but that was the problem, I just didn't know what I wanted. I guess it was easier to work in a cluttered space than make a decision.

I had been looking on Pinterest and had some ideas from there, this group and Facebook. I needed to make some kind of a decision I could live with and not cost a fortune. My husband is a fantastic wood worker but quality takes time and money. If he built me something it would mean me losing my space while he worked. I couldn't live with that. This group made me realize making a change was better than what I had and you all had inspired me through the discussions, posts and pictures. Our kids toys are stored in 11 inch cube storage, why not do the same with my fabric and supplies? I finally took the plunge and bought two 12 cube organizer units! 24 cubes and an level space on top, none of my old bins were the same height. I now have cube storage 4 high and six across. My space is evolving as I refold and organize my fabric on comic boards and put them in the cubes. I'm taking a break from folding to blog and am so happy I finally made a decision. Change is hard but I am so glad I finally took a risk and am creating a better space for me to sew. Stay tuned for pictures I haven't moved them from my phone to the computer.

Sew long for tonight,



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