My Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt !!

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by , 07-30-2013 at 08:46 AM (2537 Views)
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My goodness ... I just had a PM from someone looking at my Pony Club quilt, to point out to me that I had not posted my completed Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt. It's hard to believe that it's been over a year sinc I finished it.

This too, was a Quilt-Along here on the QB ... I joined the Ladies part way thru their journey, shortly after I joined the QB. When I read about it, it called to me repeatedly, until I decided to "start". You see, I too was a Farmer's Wife!

The quilt is based on the book/pattern written by Laurie Aaron Hird, inspired by letters from 1920's farm wives, answering the question, "Do you want your daughter to marry a farmer?. I did all the blocks, and added a few of my own. The corner blocks have a piece of each of the fabrics used in the quilt.

My quilt has
3138 pieces
144 fabrics
111 unique 6" blocks

Most of the fabrics were in my stash. The borders sashing and backing were purchased after the blocks were made. I sent it out for custom long arm quilting and she was exceptional, giving every block a different quilting design.

Sincere Thanks to all my special FWS Cheerleader Friends ... I could never have done this without you!!! You are a very special group to me, indeed!
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The quilt is too long for the wall, so the bottom border is folded up.
It's hanging at the end of my living room, so I can see it every time I come and go from my office!
Reminds me to get the WORK done ... and get onto the FUN quilting work!!
Name:  FWS Quilt B.jpg
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A look at the backing .....
Name:  FWSQuilt21.jpg
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A bit closer look of the setting triangles and borders, both with feather work.
The setting triangles and cornerstones are a more gold fabric with metallic hints than shows here.
Name:  FWSQuilt8.jpg
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A closer look at some of the blocks ....
Name:  FWSQuilt13.jpg
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Name:  FWSQuilt10.jpg
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  1. Hezzy's Avatar
    It is a jewel of a quilt...no wonder it is set in gold.
    Were some of these blocks from Quiltmaker's Magazine 100 blocks (any volume... 1 - 7)?

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