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My Favourite Quilt

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by , 04-08-2013 at 01:04 PM (1986 Views)
My Favourite quilt, the one Iím most proud of, the one which hasnít yet been washed, and the one no-one is allowed to sit on, is called ďThereís plenty moreĒ.
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I collected together scraps of almost every fabric in my stash and my motherís, it even has a contribution from a friend, who began a dress and never finished it, back in the 1980ís, there are also fabrics from the 60ís , 70ís, 80ís, and 90ís, just looking at the centre, I can see the remnants of clothing worn by myself, my sister, my mother and my niece, there are Liberty fabrics, a blouse here, a pair of Capri pants there, Laura Ashley dresses, my Nieceís little baby dresses, shorts I made for her to match my own. Each time I look at this quilt I see another fabric memory, not just of the individual garments they came from, but where we were and what we were doing when we wore them.
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  1. Scrappy Grace's Avatar
    This is a gorgeous quilt! Very well done.
  2. Judith1005's Avatar
    Wow, Beautiful. I love how you quilted it. It lets the pattern of your quilt shine.
  3. TootsieScott's Avatar
    I can see why it's your favorite. Well done!
  4. Aylahopper's Avatar
    That is absolutely beautiful!
  5. jerryjennifer's Avatar
    That is gorgeous. Way to go
  6. Alison Townley's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scrappy Grace
    This is a gorgeous quilt! Very well done.
    thank you, please have a look at more of my work

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