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by , 02-10-2014 at 08:25 AM (389 Views)

I have been thinking I need some way to track my activity (i.e. keep me motivated, and keep me from doing NOTHING all day!). I had posted an update or three on FaceBook, but I decided I don't want that may potential critics. =P

So..... where do I start? How about this past weekend? I discovered a wonderful local quilt shop, and joined their BOM group. This is the first "official" BOM I will have done, and I am rather (ridiculously!) excited.

Anyway, I bought the kit for the January block. The pattern is for a "Friendship Star". I made my block with the fabrics the shop provided. It worked up quickly, the pattern was very well created, and I love the block. I don't know if I will be crazy about all the fabrics that the shop will provide, and I want to make more than one quilt with this program anyway, so I decided to use the fabrics from a kit I received for Christmas as a 2nd BOM quilt. I made a block from some of this fabric as well. So... 1/12th of the blocks for 2 quilts are now done. (LOL)

Now, I am really inspired, and I am liking this block, so I dug into my stash and found a collection of fabrics in turquoise, gold, cream, and browns that seem to me to be begging to be made into quilt of Friendship Star blocks. Less than 36 hours later, I have 6 blocks (3 colorways) completed for this quilt, and am making great progress toward another 16 blocks. At this point, I have the HSTs all ready to square up, the 4patch blocks are 1/2 done (the strips are sewn together, and all the sets of 2 squares are ready to be pinned and sewn to another 2 squares).

I don't know if I can post pictures in a blog or not. If it can be done, and if I can figure it out, I will post some soon.

Don't know if it is something about my laptop, or the site, but something is making typing INSANELY FRUSTRATING!!!!!! I certainly hope this is better for my next entry!!

Anyway.... enough for now. I will hopefully have significant progress to report later.
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  1. cookiemonster's Avatar
    To post it's easy, once your photo is saved on computer.. See icon above says: Insert Image, then click it.. Or go recent blogs same idea, then submit..

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