My first quilt

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by , 02-07-2013 at 09:12 PM (581 Views)
Took a 2 hour class last month for beginning quilters. I'm attaching a photo of my first (baby) quilt. Please comment, I know I could use suggestions!
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  1. PatriceJ's Avatar
    i've often been told i'm a big baby. i suggest you send it to me.

    seriously ... that's a very nice job.
  2. handi's Avatar
    very good start. Welcome Handi
  3. Andii's Avatar
    It's pretty. I love blue and green together, like the sky and grass.
  4. buckingtrout's Avatar
    Great first quilt. Seeing the quilting you did from the back am wondering though if you quilted it enough. Depends on what type of batting you used, but I think I would have just stitched in the ditch for all four sets of the fence rails you have coming off the center square... Baby quilts get washed alot more often so batting shifting can be more of a noticable problem after a few washings & dryings.

    Also, unless you want it to show more... I might have chosen to use a matching yellow thread (for the main backing fabric) in my bobbin... so that the stitching would be there but not as visible... mistakes in stitching are easier to hide when you first start out quilting if you see less of the thread.

    But again, you did a fantastic job for a first quilt... if you hadn't of said it was I don't think I would have guessed you had never sewn on before.
  5. lmoore218's Avatar
    Thanks for compliment and the good advice too.

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