My "first" top cut and pieced all by myself!

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by , 03-04-2014 at 02:52 AM (679 Views)
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Until now basically all my quilts were done with precuts and fabrics collections. They are beautiful and love them.
But there are an AFTER!... After Id known about this awesome board.
With you I larned a lot, and the result is this simple quilt The casual fit quilt for my DH. Without this forum I couldn't have done it. Thank you by heart.

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It is 59 x 68 size and my husband loves it. Now is sandwiched and ready for handquilt. This top is the sum of several fantastic lessons:

1.- Ive got scraps. Yes and It was fun cuting and chopping in the correct sizes, basicaly 5 charms whith the Shape cut ruler of June Taylor and not afraid of doing it bad because they are scraps (Now Im a pro!)
2.- What to do with used shirts? Well, cut them of course! A lot of fun, more fabric for my quilt!!! Thank you Seven Shirts + Seven Steps tutorial.
3.- With a lot of 5 recycled charms and the tutorial of easy HST I began my controlled scrap, bought a neutral tan for blend and a a blue backquilt (its a guy quilt!)
4.- And I pieded it with my new singer FW. Thank you vintage machine fans. I learned about this one in this board. And now Ive got three.
5.- And the best part is that I am cutting my second one in red & white with a tutorial of Jenny Doan MSQC: The Jacob's Ladder Remix Quilt. And learning to do easy four patch blocks. I loooove easy tutorials!

The prewash of fabrics and yours tips antibledders are very useful I hope I've do it correctly...

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Happy Quilting!

Well I almost forgot my design wall, also an idea from this board.
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