my forst quilt

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by , 06-11-2013 at 03:21 PM (946 Views)
my first quilt i have ever made. I made it from my baby boys old pjs and clothes , its far from perfect but i love it.

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  1. kerry-uk's Avatar
    sorry for spelling mistake *first
  2. Jingle's Avatar
    Handsome Son and pretty quilt. Did you quilt it? It could be tied w/crochet thread.
  3. Judith1005's Avatar
    How fun! I bet is makes you smile each time you see it and know that your sweet baby wore those clothes. Turned out great.
  4. kerry-uk's Avatar
    yeah its something to cherish , can't wait to make one for my daughter
  5. Janet Kelly Crafts's Avatar
    That's lovely, well done.
  6. pinkflowers's Avatar
    What a treasure! Your son and the quilt, that is! I made a similar quilt out of flannel fabrics that were left over from the many pj's I made my kids. I cut all same size rectangles to make something like a rail-fence pattern. This was back when I first started quilting, so it wasn't perfect either. My kids are mid 20's now, and the quilt is well loved! It's neat to look back and remember them wearing those fabric prints.

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