My Longarm is skipping stitches

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by , 07-25-2013 at 05:09 PM (952 Views)
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The past 2 weeks I quilted two quilts--but with frustration. I would be quilting and then get to a certain spot and it would start giving me long skipped stitches and then switch back to regular stitching. The skipped stitches occured only when moving in a horizontal direction. My husband looked at the cabling while I was quilting and watching the cords and moving them around and we got them placed to where it wouldn't do it. But every new time I go to use the machine, it does the same thing. Then I move around the cords until I get them placed in a position where it doesn't do that. Yesterday I spent 2 hours moving around the cords and quilting on practice material I had off to the side of the real quilt. I finally must have gotten the cords laying in a position where my stitching was working ok and it wasn't doing skipped stitches in a certain area, and I dared to start doing the real quilt. I just got this Tin Lizzie 18 LS right before Xmas and it didn't do this the first couple weeks when I was using practice material to learn my machine but now it has started doing this and today I did one pass on the quilt and then on the second row, it started doing it again and I can't seem to get the cable moved around correctly for it to work. The Dealer who sold me the longarm recently had the same problem and she said it may either be the Y cable connected to the stitch regulator sensors or it is the sensor that regulates the horizontal sewing. (That's what it was for her). She has ordered me new parts but now I need to wait a week for them to come. Has anyone else encountered this problem with the Tin Lizzie? And if you did, was it the sensor or cable connected to it? or was it something else? I a so frustrated and just want it fixed so I can Quilt! I would appreciate any suggestions anyone has the might fix this problem. Thanks.
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