My own private sewing retreat

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by , 02-02-2014 at 10:01 PM (1122 Views)
My DH went to CO to ski with our daughter and SIL, so I have 5 days of no obligations and am free to quilt all night if I
want! I made up several soups and froze for them to take so have basically all my meals ready for the microwave. And our weather forecast is predicting snow on our already 1/2" of ice--so no reason to be out--sewing machine and long arm, here I come!!


  1. Mansfij's Avatar
    Sounds Idyllic, hope you get lots done
  2. cookiemonster's Avatar
    That's the story here in MB, Canada weather hits in Jan/Feb. winter hits -42C, quilting is my sunny world away from venturing out.. I prepare meals in advance, for freezer, come out of my hole like a groundhog, eat-feed cat-coffee touch of TV news and back to the electric heated room.

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