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by , 11-16-2010 at 04:08 PM (302 Views)
We have a new feature here, it is at the top of the page called My Pages.

This is even handier than My Bookmarks.

Click on My Pages, it is at the top of the page underneath The Quilting Board-The Quilter's Message Board title.

Type in what you want the title of this page to be, and then click on create. It is that simple

You can start a page titled: Applique
then copy and paste links from here to that page. Type in a description next to the url (don't forget to leave a space between the url and the description)

Label other pages: Stack and Whack, Scrappy, Tips, Tutorials, Recipes, etc...

This may be an easier way to find your information, rather than going through long lists of titles in your My Bookmarks section.
Especially when many topic titles here don't fully describe the quilt or subject

For those who don't know how to copy and paste the url instead of clicking on bookmark:

At the top of your screen, look for the url (it will start with http://)
When you are on a page that you want to copy the link/url find this and right click it, then click copy.

Then go to your My Page and the click on the page you want to add it to.
Then click on Edit Page
Then hit enter on your keyboard
Then right click your mouse and click on paste
The full, clickable url will appear
You can then type in a description next to it. Ex: Scrappy Batik Quilt, Triple Threat Chocolate Cake, Beautiful Bargello, Tips for FMQ Quilting, etc.. Don't forget to leave a space or two between the url and your description

You can go back and edit these pages whenever, however you want
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