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My Rowenta Iron Caught Fire!!!

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by , 10-30-2012 at 05:47 AM (725 Views)
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Since there are so many reports about Rowenta, obviously there is a problem. If you have had a fire or overheating problem please report it to the Consumer Product Safety. Safety is the issue and nothing will be done unless it is forced upon the company. Anecdotal information is not enough. If you have had an issue with Rowenta, go online to the Consumer Product Safety and make a report. "I did not find any reports of Rowenta irons having problems." (recalls)

It doesn't seem to be a specific model, but an overall engineering problem. Call the company if you are having problems with your iron. Mention the quilting board. I think they will get the idea that their best prospects for new irons are very unhappy with the quality of this product. Do you belong to other forums? of course you do. Ask about other peoples' experiences with the iron. Let's get the word out.

I loved my Rowenta iron. I never had an iron that performed as well. Unfortunately, it is not a safe product. I don't want anyone to be injured or lose their home to fire.
114 rowenta irons reported with problems, but this is not an official report.
Rowenta irons catching recalls
Consumer product safety, Make your reports here.
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  1. Quilter7x's Avatar
    Thank you for this information. I also really like my Rowenta iron, but have heard that some are good and some are not. I do hope they fix the problem with the problems as the good ones are really good irons.

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