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Yesterday was just lovely for our family. After chuch I took the kids to see my parents. We went fishing for the first time with Grandpa. It's one of my dads favorite things so for Fathers Day we gave him an IOU for the trip and a picnic. The joy in my sons eyes as they reeled in fish after fish was just incredible.

I also plundered mom and dads house. He has a fruit orchard and the pears this year were abundant. Since they do not use them, I grabbed them to can. One tree probably had over a bushel. Their blueberries were also coming in late so I picked 2.5 qts for freezing. I'll be busy with the canner to begin the week, but free food is free food.

Saturday I did print out 8 Inklingo pickled clamshells to handpiece. So far I have two sewn together. They went tougher so easily and I'm loving that I don't have to draft templates and trace each piece out. I appreciate the accuracy of foundations but think that are fiddlly. This just seems fast and more portable. I'm thinking a queen size is very do-able.
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