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by , 02-01-2013 at 07:10 AM (649 Views)
I am relative new to quilting and am looking for advice on sewing machine needle size. Do you use the same needle to piece and to quilt? What size do you use? How often do you change your needle? Can overuse of a needle cause problems with thread tension? Thanks!
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  1. 7bar7's Avatar
    This is what my quilt store suggested for needles.
    PIECING use 75/11
    QUILTING use 100/16

    Keep the needles that are being used with the project until it is finished. This way you KNOW how long it has been used and on what.
    Worn out needles cuse alot of problems.
    broken thread
    shreading thread
    snagging fabric
    snagging bobbin thread
    pulling fabric
    and more.
  2. PatriceJ's Avatar
    I use the smallest needle possible.
    For piecing I usually go with a 70/10 unless the fabric is unusually thick.
    For quilting I can sometimes use just an 11, but normally switch to a 90/14.
    If i see skipped stitches I know I need to go up to a 16.

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