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need packing advice

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by , 06-20-2012 at 12:56 PM (522 Views)
We are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary with a first trip to Ireland for 2 weeks. We have decided to "travel light" and take only one carry-on each. I have always overpacked for trips in the past, and have sworn to learn how to get by with less. Can anyone help me with suggestions? Has it worked for you or is it worth it to lug a bigger suitcase? We are renting a car and will be in and out of many hotels, so wanted to make it easy on ourselves. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Judy Brown's Avatar
    Similar packing for 2 wks on HD trip. Roll everythink tight. Have a great trip
  2. sklentz's Avatar
    Went to Paris and South of France two years ago and found these shoes before going. They were wonderful! They are very light and you can buy several colored tops which solved my dilemma of having shoes to match my outfits! They are a must!

    They come in all different styles and heights. They are fun.

    Happy Packing!

  3. quiltist's Avatar
    Invest in some of clothes made specifically for hiking - you can wash them in your room and they will dry very quickly. Also look for the little small packets of soap to wash them with if you don't want to use bar soap. You might bring a couple of hangers, some hotels don't have hangers that detach from the rod so you can hang in the bathroom. Bring all your old underwear and toss them when done (my mother-in-law does this and travels with just a back pack for 2-3 weeks). Have fun, sounds like a blast.

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