Need tips on how to choose fabric for a quilt pattern

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by , 05-23-2013 at 02:58 AM (1285 Views)
I find quilt patterns that I like everywhere, when I find one I really like I start looking at fabrics. Usually I want it to be a different set of colors than the one shown. Can anyone give me tips on how to choose fabrics, this is the hardest part of quilting for me!
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  1. ELP's Avatar
    This is the most difficult for me, too. Here is what I do: Choose your print or focus fabric first. Along the selvage there will be a series of colored dots. Choose fabrics in those color. Presto, you have fabrics that go together. Another way is to choose fabrics from one fabric line. These are matched for you. Happy quilting.
  2. debbiemarie's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply, great idea using the colors on the selvage, I will use that!
  3. stap323's Avatar
    Wow I just read this post. This is the hardest part for me too. I see others quilts with all different colors and patterns and they turn out just beautiful. But....when I do it looks like somebody just threw a bunch of fabrics together and created a disaster.....Im going to try this tip with the dots!! Ive been sewing for many years, sewing not quilting and I never discovered those colored dots along the selvage edge!! I don't think I ever noticed the dots were even there!!! Is that what the colored dots are actually for? Are they there to help coordinate your fabric choices? If that's not why they are there, then what are they put there for?

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