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by , 11-02-2011 at 10:12 AM (823 Views)
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Hurts my eyes to. Maybe b/c I had surgery yesterday, but I really think it is all the white is tooo bright.
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  1. MiMi in Lutz's Avatar
    It is very bright and hurts my eyes also. How do you find the posts that have pictures only? This is very awkward.
  2. Lucio's Avatar
    The glaring white and small font hurt my eyes greatly reducing the amount of time I will be able to spend on this formerly loved and highly recommended site.
  3. vwquilting's Avatar
    To bright.
  4. kwilter's Avatar
    Don't much care for this "improvement." I liked the solft color of the old site better than all this white. I find it difficult finding what I want and very likely will not be at the QB much anymore. The board "lost" my two positive feedbacks, too. In this case, I think "new" is NOT BETTER!
    Updated 11-02-2011 at 11:18 AM by kwilter
  5. kwilter's Avatar
    Come to think of it, I can't even find new posts in the Main and Pictures categories..they have been the same for at least two days now?
  6. scrappylady's Avatar
    Just got on here and can't wait to get off. It doesn't seem friendly to me. I know I haven't been on very long but it took me 5 minutes to find out where anything was at, I know I haven't found out much in that time. BUt I'll agree it is to bright to look at so I just go away. Bye

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