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Hello everyone,

My name is Brenda and I am totally new to this board and to quilting. I have started me a quilt but I started it last year. I nearly have the quilt top done but I like quilting the backing to it. I am making it for my mom she is 83 yrs. young. I take care of her 24 seven and I love it. We get our hair done together and we go shopping together. She is a real blessing to me. I am married I've been married for 17 years and if I had it to do over again I would stay single lol. I can only do a block quilt but I'm trying to learn other things also. I also go to college my major is medical billing and coding. I was on he deans list last year and didn't even know it until I received my certificate. Well I am so glad to be here and I hope you all are glad Im here also because I love people and animals. I have 3 dogs and a cat. Two of my dogs are just puppies and angel is a tea cup chichuahua an the other is hailey and she is a minature pomerian. They get a long great angel is 7 weeks old and hailey is 5 weeks old. They are the sweetest little things. I also have a saberine husky he has blue eyes and his name is dakota my cat her name is shaloe I love them all. Well I guess I have gave you all enough to read about me. It is very nice to meet you all!
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  1. mdall's Avatar
    hello from wv, bg. im new here too. have fun on the board. the people here are amazing.
  2. misschrisfrmtx's Avatar
    Welcome to the site! You can really find a lot of wonderful tips and tricks on here.
  3. Bg jones's Avatar
    Thank you both very much. I love to get recipes here and I love looking at all the quilts and different thngs that people make. I wish I was as good as some of the people here. But maybe someday I will be.
  4. Jingle's Avatar
    Welcome, you will love it here, lots of help if you have questions.
  5. cjaneky's Avatar
    Hi, I'm pretty new here too, the people here are so helpful and don't hesitate to share their ideas, patterns and friendship.
  6. kittyannart's Avatar
    Hello! I'm a newbie here too! =0) Nice to 'meet' you, congrats on making the dean's list, wow! I would love to go back to school someday, as soon as my daughter finishes college I may do just that, never too old to learn something new. I too have a little Cheewaawaa, her name is Sophie. Also a Pom & Maltese mix boy, Kip - and two kittys Splash and Willy. My hubs owns and chefs a German restaurant, I'm not German, pure North Carolinian! I just joined the Doll Quilt Swap group, I like doing swaps and dolly quilts are small enough to finish on time, come on over and join in! Bye!
  7. DixieD's Avatar
    I'm new also, & working on, what may be, my last quilt. I lived in Hawaii for almost 2 yrs & returned to CA a yr ago. I started a Hawaiian quilt while I was still living in Maui, wondering if I would ever get very far with it. Appliqueing the pattern on was probably the hardest thing to do, although preparing & enlarging the pattern was not easy. I took an applique class at the local quilt/fabric shop while I was there & completed a pillow. Finally I'm into the quilting & trying to keep it like the original style of Hawaiian quilts, which are only 2 colors, representing a shadow, dark on light, & echo quilting all over. It's for a full size bed, but to the floor, so I don't if I'll ever be able to complete it. I hope so, eventually, one of these years. I came on to find out if anybody had ever dyed a white, whole cloth quilt, or how it worked out.

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