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New Quilt Holder

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by , 06-07-2013 at 05:40 AM (1319 Views)
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So the DH has always been supportive of my hobbies. Recently he built a closet off my sewing room It is actually the "walkway" from our house (my sewing room) and the second story of his garage. We never use it to get into that space so he suggested a big closet. It has sloping ceilings on both sides. I wanted a space to hang tops when they were in the queue to be quilted. I had come up with a design but was not convinced it would work. So DH come up with this idea - I started with only two poles as I was not sure before we did it .... but after having hung them up, I can not wait to go the Home Depot for more!!
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  1. Jingle's Avatar
    Wonderful idea.
  2. JimsQueenie's Avatar
    I rarely signed onto this site and decided to look you up. How absolutely wonderful and a really great idea. I think I will have Jim build that for me when I get a sewing studio in our house in Iowa which we are moving back to. We moved to So. Illinois to help care for Donna wherein she passed away a year ago this month (Mar. 2019). Pretty tough year. Beautiful home and 2,029 sq. feet for a sewing space plus a big cement structure (probably for tornado protection) which I use for lots and lots of plastic boxes all assigned the names for whom the pattern and fabric goes to. Now we have to pack all the fabric and boxes up to move back to Iowa. Ugh!! Ugh!! Miss you, bestie, Vicki

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