new to quilting...need help

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by , 11-30-2013 at 02:49 PM (807 Views)
I started quilting 2 years ago and made simple block quilts. When I machine quilted I stitched in the ditch. This time I would like to try a stencil pattern on my quilt to give it a better pattern look.
I do not own a long arm machine, all of my sewing is done on a Janome regular machine.

Do you have suggestions of which stencil to buy that is easy for a beginner? Do many of you use the stencils? Any suggestions would be very welcome. If there are negatives to using stencils I would like to hear that advice as well.
I made the purple quilt for my daughter and her husband, I inserted their wedding pictures in it. The next photo is blocks made for my current quilt. This is not the final layout, simply there to show a friend what I had done so far.
Thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. kinminis's Avatar
    Oops, how do I edit my own blog? The photos are way too large!
  2. quiltingshorttimer's Avatar
    Can't help you with the editing--haven't figured that out myself yet! With Stencils you will want to mark the design on the quilt. I just took a long arm class on stencils and the instructor suggests that a continous line (i.e. leaves, meandering flowers, etc) is easiest--use loose chalk and a foam brush to apply and my may find that you can even do it without continually marking after awhile. If you are wanting a very specific design (like an intricate knot), then mark with a water soluable (test first)pen and go slow and steady. have you ever Free Motion Quilted on your machine? If so I would probably do something a little looser and repetive--like circles or leaves--something that would be continous and connected, in the brown sashing. I would do a tighter, background fill--like pebbles, small stippling, etc in the parts of the star that you want to "stand back"--like the brown/tan centers and matching blocks on each star--that would make the rest of the star really stand out--maybe only need SID on the rest of the star. Have you checked out Leah Day's 365 days of FMQ blog? Do--it will give you tons of ideas.
  3. cookiemonster's Avatar
    I'm new to the darning foot for machine quilting, my experience the stencil chosen, one that has multifunction, where I can use a portion of design or all.. I've traced design on tissue paper pinned it to quilt.. Some pencils found don't fit in the stencil groove very well. Papers can be old sew patterns use that tissue or your gift wraps even some rolls of grocery isle food wrapper. Don't need be pricey for 1stimer. With time we get the hang.

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