New treadle machine

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by , 08-24-2019 at 06:46 PM (101 Views)
So I just got a new royal treadle machine from an estate sale and I am having a hard time finding any information on it. I did find information on the company changing names. But I can not find any information on good site to find parts. Does anyone have any links or ideas where to look.
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  1. kewpieliz's Avatar
    I just got a royal that looks like it might have come from a treadle cabinet but it is in a base with holes for what looks to be a treadle belt. It has a handcrank on it, but I'm not sure if it is original. It has a painted label or decal on the inside of the vertical arm that says, "Mundlos Original Victoria" and "Royal" across the horizontal arm and "77" off to the right. It is a vibrating shuttle.

    While I can get the handwheel to turn stiffly, the needlebar will not budge (rust). The metal thing that is supposed to go in the slot on the spokes of the handwheel will not stay in the slot. I suspect I need to play with the handcrank some more to see how it is supposed to be. The handle of the handcrank protudes way out from the base of the machine to the point one end of the bentwood top is missing. A small skeleton key came with it and I think all the pieces to the lock are present - just not where they are supposed to be.

    Liz R in southwest Missouri

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