New Washer/Dryer!

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by , 11-15-2011 at 04:57 PM (705 Views)
I feel like it's Christmas already. The new washer & dryer arrived this evening!
I normally am not one to gloat or what have you, but I just had to share! I
have a large family which means lots of laundry. My old set has been on the
fritz for months. Repairman had been out here literally 8 times. He practically had rebuilt my washer, but yet it still wasn't fixed. I was just about beyond
patience level by that point.

Upon closer inspection, I have found a dent in the side of the dryer & tons of
major scratches. Yes, it may not pertain to its function, but very expensive.
All of which could have been avoided if they had used moving blankets like
they were supposed to of.
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  1. TeresaPendino's Avatar
    I managed to fix the photo, the first one I uploaded was super huge, lol.
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