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by , 11-08-2011 at 06:48 PM (630 Views)
My kids and I were in a 'full color' photo in our local newspaper today. How exciting! They want to expand our local animal shelter, and the city council was going to discuss the funding at the meeting last night.
The project is going to more than double the size of our shelter. I think it will be a great improvement for the animals, employees, volunteers, and visitors.
The three of us volunteer there once or twice a week. It's a great way to teach my little ones responsibility and it's good for the animals too. We walk the dogs and hold the cats (sometimes...I'm not a cat person...Well, if they are declawed, I'm better with them.)
We love going out there and being with the animals.
My daughter thought she was a big celebrity having her picture in the paper. Good for her, at 4, and my son at 2.
I do admit that sometimes it's difficult to walk a dog and keep two children in line, but they are learning so much. It's worth every minute!
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  1. carolynjo's Avatar
    Good for you! If more parents showed that kind of love for their children and for unwanted animals, the world would be a better place. We are all God's creatures and I don't like people who throw away animals or children!

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