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No Quilt Retreat - this year

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by , 01-24-2012 at 07:55 AM (1369 Views)
I was planning on going to Retreat starting on Thursday. I made 16 Thread Catcher, for prizes. I prepared all the projects I wanted to work on. I was mentally starting to pack.

Then the worst thing happened, DH younger brother (54) had a heart attack and passed away Sunday. He was shoveling snow/ice/slush for mature neighbors. We are all in shock. But the next shock . . . . The services are Sat (day 3 of retreat) and DH would like to go the day before, to visit with his mother. Now did I also mention, it is 3 plus hours drive, one way. And the retreat lodge is not on the way to grandmas house.

I emailed my quilting buddies about the sad news, BUT family is MORE important then making quilt. They all understand . . . . that this is one of those 'life gets in the way' of my quilting.


  1. sunkistmi's Avatar
    So sorry to hear of your loss. Praying that the family will find peace in all the good memories.
  2. Dawnmarieodya's Avatar
    Im sorry to hear of the sad loss of family member.Im sure you are greatly needed at this time.May God be with you all and it might be a good time to give the word of God to some one who doesn,t know him.God Bless Dawn
  3. karen924's Avatar
    What a sad reason to miss a retreat. Yes, family comes first...and they will need you. On the bright side, you are all ready with prizes for next year. Sounds like you may be in line to do a memory quilt this year, too. God bless.

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