Mystery solved!

Not now!

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by , 03-29-2014 at 11:20 AM (1174 Views)
Washed a dark piece of material on low load, then tossed another load in. Mid cycle totally quit. Was hoping to get another month or 2 out of my washer. It is about 14 years but just wanted to finish this one. Will just have to hand rinse then toss into dryer. Guess I should be grateful DH says we will get new tomorrow. He hates Laundromats worse than I do. If anyone were to ask me which appliance I would do without, the answer would not be my washer and dryer. I can cook anything on the BBQ pit and Dixie and Reynold are always welcome. So is the Brawny guy!
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  1. SoBuzy's Avatar
    Hope the new washer has been purchased and you are rejoicing with nothing in the laundry basket!

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