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by , 11-02-2011 at 04:19 AM (288 Views)
I too, am having a hard time trying to navigate the new board, and I am not liking it At ALL.
It was supposed to be better, according to "test users", but obviously, not very many of them are quilters. I really don't like having to click through several times to find what I want, and I really miss the recent pictures of the completed quilts - when I clicked on pictures, I got a list from July, and have already seen them. I can't see all the avatars, and I can't locate my bookmarks.
Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, put it back? This board is the first thing I look for in my email every day, but if it too hard for a non-computer-savvy quilter with lousy eyes, I may have to give it up
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