Ocean themed quilt patterns

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by , 09-01-2019 at 06:39 PM (112 Views)
My daughter-in-law has asked me if I could make them a queen size ocean themed quilt. Does anyone have any suggestions for a pattern that would truly reflect the ocean?
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  1. ABDraz's Avatar
    There's many different interpretations of 'ocean themed' and I wouldn't ask her to clarify. I would choose a design I liked that was ocean themed because you're going to spend hours with the fabrics and you'll be sick of it by the time you're finished if you didn't pick the design. I would google "ocean themed quilt patterns". I just did and there's a nice bargello that looks like the ocean waves upon the sand. There's loosely interpreted designs in HST and there's literal with shells and fish. It's all what you want to do.

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