Oh boy, am I disappointed...

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by , 03-05-2012 at 10:56 AM (1309 Views)
On the main board, I started a thread about needles and thimbles. I wanted to ask advice about what other quilters are using. I received a wonderful array of informative posts.

I had been having a problem with large eye needles. The consensus does not seem to favor them. So, in my quest to secure some good needles, I ordered some #10 Clover quilting needles. During my first endeavor, with three stitches on the needle, it broke in half. Fortunately I found the pointed end, removed the other end from inside the fabric and went on my way. In the course of a 3-hour afternoon, two more needles broke. Half of the third needle is still floating around somewhere, unless the vacuum cleaner picked it up without mys seeing it.

I am furious, so I went back to the large eye needles until the #10 John James needles I ordered arrive. This seems to be taking forever, by the way. I also ordered a leather thimble, so I'm anxious to try that out too.

Thus a few of the ongoing trials and tribulations of a happy quilter...I'm sure you can all relate.
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  1. erstan947's Avatar
    I love my leather thimbles and I use Roxanne needles #11 betweens. I use hand quilting thread and do not have a problem threading the needles.
  2. rural01's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice and the comment.

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