OK I'll give this blog thing a try!

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by , 11-03-2011 at 06:59 AM (437 Views)
I know, I know. Most of us resist change, and I'm no different. I don't like to see changes in manufacturing methods for the guns I buy, nor do I like the golly -whiz- bang -multi -featured electronic sewing machines I see at Big Box stores (although they do have their place). Similarly, I didn't initially like the changes to this forums format. BUT, maybe there's some neat stuff here I can use. I'll ignore the pop-ups and advertisements I don't want to read. There's lots of good folks here and a wealth of information I enjoy and want to gather. My belief is that the web is not some social program funded by workers forced to pay taxes for it to keep the lights on. It has to make money, usually through advertising. Big deal. I choose to be here because of the folks gathered in the name of common interests. it'll take time for me to learn the ins and outs of the system, but I'm willing to do it. Besides, I'm already here and have made some really nice contacts.
As I type this, I don't know if anyone is ever going to read it, because I don't yet know where it may show up! Have you ever been somewhere all by yourself and just wanted to yell out dirty words to see if you get a response? Well POO POO KA KA BOOGER BOOGER! Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Don
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  1. GladGrams's Avatar

    I heard ya! I am here... well, here is Norway, but here is also cyberspace too, right? Anyway, Glad to see you are one of the valuable friends who is willing to stick it out and learn something new.

    Hugs and love
  2. Lv2sew2011's Avatar
    Up! I hear ya too! Have fun finding your way around, as I am. I do think I like the blog feature for sure, still deciding on the rest of it...

  3. Ladibug's Avatar
    Ok, here goes. If someone else can dive in and just do it so can I. I am fairly new to QB. I don't like change either and face it lots of things are changin and are gonna keep on a changin and at least us older ones know how to roll with change and can live.
    I read your post about buying the quilting fabric and I guess it touched something in me about my granny. She was a quilter and God bless her that is how she made a living and got her family through as the years progressed. I wasn't blessed to have her teach me how to quilt but my Momma taught me how to sew so I am gonna learn how to quilt.
    You will do fine. You have a wonderful teacher in Penny. Good luck to you on the next leg of your journey. God bless you all.


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