Old yeller is a completed quilt top

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by , 02-05-2012 at 12:13 PM (1305 Views)
I've finally finished my yellow quilt top. Name:  P1000909.jpg
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Size:  96.5 KB And once again, Ryan has made it her own. Name:  P1000912.jpg
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Size:  82.8 KBI just couldn't resist the second photo. Honestly, she has already claimed it as her own.
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  1. Painiacs's Avatar
    I love it!!!! I love yellow!!!
  2. rural01's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Painiacs
    I love it!!!! I love yellow!!!
    Thanks. I'm really glad to hear your comment. I'm learning that most people simply hate yellow. I can't understand it. I love waking up to the look of sunshine.
  3. Judith1005's Avatar
    I love your yellow quilt. It is so happy and cheerful. Love the fabrics. And your little "model" is super duper cute and doing a good job selling your quilty.
  4. rural01's Avatar
    Thanks Judith. Ryan is such a ham. She certainly adds to the challenge, but in a way I wouldn't want to be without.
  5. adnil458's Avatar
    Way to give your approval, Ryan !!!!

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