To Ollie's Angels..Time to take a trip tomorrow.

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by , 12-06-2011 at 09:40 PM (798 Views)
Just wanted all of Ollie's quilting angels to know that we are taking him tomorrow morning to his endocrinology appt, and then straight away to the hospital for check in for his surgery on Thurs.. These photos are from yesterday when he came to play with mema.. Notice that our little Ollie man is slowly learning how to balance his body so he can finally sit up alone .. this was the one minute he did that all by himself yesterday, and we were SO excited.. he would lean to one side, but started to feel for the ground ( as I would guess most sightless people would ), and would sort of " right " himself again.. Its a HUGE thing for him, and we are just so happy that he is progressing a little more every day.

Keep him in your thoughts if you will, as the surgery will bring some pain .. but so grateful that their are pediatric neurosurgeons at Dohrnbecher hospital in Portland who can help Ollie, and others like him. ( and you might keep his mommy/ daddy, and mema/papa in your thoughts as well if you will ).

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  1. tomilu's Avatar
    What a beautiful little boy!!! You have lots of angels praying, I'm sure.
  2. zkosh's Avatar
    Just thinking of Ollie, his parents and grandparents and saying a little prayer that all is going well through this difficult process. Hugs to each of you.

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