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One greedy person

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by , 11-24-2011 at 08:15 AM (950 Views)
I noticed one of the board members is constantly replying to the free offers and even made a request for stuff for themselves. No mention of a charity, just if you have some extra of this thing, they would pay postage to get whatever you would send. That one person never does a PIF, they just play the games and respond to the free offers and if it's a guessing game they make guess after guess after guess. I posted a PIF and that person PM'd me and asked for something I wasn't even offering because they read my post wrong and was probably in such a hurry to respond, didn't even realize it. When I replied to the PM I explained that I wasn't offering what they thought and they PM'd back and said they wanted what I was offering. I did send it out to that person but never heard back about whether it was received. I looked at the person's profile and I'm not sure if this person even quilts or sews. There are no pictures, no blog posts, and there is no information in her profile about what she does.

In the future my PIF's will be directly to members by PMs. I will not make anymore posts in the free offers section.

I am also using my ignore button.
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  1. arizonagirl's Avatar
    It's a shame when it comes to having to take such drastic measures. When I first found the free offers section I was really excited about it. I did a pif contest right away. I tried to play a couple of game ones no luck. And any of the ones where it was just free to the first person or person# such and such I learned that unless you hung out there all the time a person most likely didn't have a chance. Making a couple of guesses on a contest is ok, but when you see one person who is posting one right after the other and there are like 6 or 7 post for that person before you see anyone else making a guess and them again in a block doesn't seem fair to others.

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