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There are so many good places! A lot depends on what you like, what size, all sorts of things.

I am trying to not buy fabrics and have joined the Fabric Moratorium. Sometimes though I still need things and my first place is
Been using them for years, always very good service. My local shops typically don't carry the Kona Solids I want, so I get them there. I like and recommend their scrap packs for stash building.

When I am looking for fabric, I am often looking for some very specific things and so my next stop is Amazon. Long story but I had my Ebay user identity stolen and really try not to go there.

Several of my Amazon deals led me to this local chain in Michigan -- right from where my Hubby is from!
Seems to be the sort of great all around local fabric store that has completely gone out of business in my area.
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    I've used and I basically use for FQ's. I like to scrap quilt. And, this adds a little quilt store quality variety to my quilt blocks. It's a nice treat every now and then to add $20 in FQ's that is most times better quality then JoAnn Fabrics. I am not knocking JoAnn Fabrics. I shop there a lot. I just like a little different variety every now and then. Their FQ's are cheaper then my local quilt store. I mostly order from for my novelty needs. But, I haven't shopped their much in the last year because they are starting to require a minimum yardage requirement. I'm a scrap quilter. It is a rarity that I buy large amounts at a time. I too like for their novelty items. And shipping is always fast and it's wrapped so pretty. (It feels special to get fabric from them.) is another great online source for fabric. It takes days to explore their website. Great fabric though!
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