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by , 04-19-2012 at 03:03 AM (324 Views)
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I finished a fun quilt for a fairly new grand daughter and was not as happy with the results as I wanted to be. thinking I will just do a simple one in pretty pastels for a keepsake and let her use this.
Would love to hear your opinions.
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  1. Musicmom2's Avatar
    I like it!
  2. cjaneky's Avatar
    I like the quilt, however, i did the same thing and am looking at pastels to do another one for her to keep
  3. mdall's Avatar
    i think it looks great. beautiful colors.
  4. DixieD's Avatar
    If she wants to keep it & not use it, then I would do it, if I really wanted to make another one right away. Sounds like she's very young & it would depend on her mother whether or not to use it or keep it.

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