Our Grandmothers would proud of us

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by , 06-11-2013 at 06:41 PM (461 Views)
I remember watching my grandmother sew quilts by hand when I was a little girl. Her only tools were a needle, thread, fabric (probably old clothes or feed sacks), scissors, thimble, card board templates and a rustic quilt frame that was stored at the top of the dining room ceiling when not in use. If you are like me, wouldn't you just love to take your grandmother or great grandmother to a quilt guild or a bee meeting or better yet, to one of the large quilt shows around the country? I know she would be spellbound with all of the beautiful fabrics, tools, machines, and rulers we have at our disposal? I am so glad I have my grandmother's gene for the love of quilting. Sure, we can still make quilts with a few simple supplies, but I love having all of the "quilting toys" that are available. What is one of your favorite quilting item?
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