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pattern for meter bag

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by , 03-12-2015 at 05:53 PM (749 Views)
Materials 1 fat quarter (18” by 22”)
Batting scraps
1 snap, 1 button
Cut: 2 pieces (A) 6 1/2” by 15” This is the lining and backing ( or you can use 2 different fabrics)
2 pieces (B) 4 ½” by 6 ½” pockets
1 piece batting 6 ½” by 15”
Turn and press Ό” of one long edge of each pocket (B). Topstitch close to edge.
Place lining (A) vertically on table, right side up.
Align 1 pocket with the bottom edge and pin in place, right side up. Measure 5” up from the bottom of (A) and mark with a pin at each side. Turn the second pocket wrong side up AND upside down (finished edge towards you). Align unfinished long edge of (B) with pins on (A), right sides together. Sew Ό” seam across, flip up and press flat. Sew a seam down the center of this pocket to make it 2 smaller pockets. Pin sides down to edges of (A).
Sandwich the backing and lining right sides together. Place the batting on top and pin all 3 layers on all 4 sides. Sew Ό” seam on 3 sides, leaving the top 6 ½” side open. Trim bottom corners after sewing to reduce bulk. Turn right side out, with batting ending up in the middle. Square out the corners and press .
Sew a seam just above each pocket opening to create fold lines. Tuck the raw edges of the top inside about ½”neatly and press into a straight line. Pin shut. Topstitch around all 4 sides, which will close the top edge. Press.
Add snap, decorative button or Velcro to close. Magnetive closers can be used, but not recommended if meter uses Bluetooth technology (Accu-chek Aviva Combo).
You can also use small quilt blocks, scraps and reclaimed QAYG pieces for pockets and the backing fabric, just trim them to the size you need.

Miriam Sawtschenko (TwinRiversFarm)[/QUOTE]
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