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Patterns and Pricing

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by , 10-17-2019 at 04:39 PM (228 Views)
I've never posted on a blog so hopefully this will work. Here goes..... I enjoy making appliqued quilts but don't see any posted on this site. Most are pieced. For patterns and ideas I usually find a picture, print it out, and make my own pattern. Does anyone have any other ideas or sources? Also, how do you determine a price when selling a quilt? If you go on Amazon or Etsy, baby quilts are listed for anything between
$35 and $150?
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  1. Darcy Ashton's Avatar
    I also do applique. Love it.
    I don't know how to post a picture.
  2. mindless's Avatar
    You could try coloring books, or search "free coloring pages" online.
    Also, places like
    have lots of free images you can download.

    An online search for fee applique patterns will provide you with lots of links.

    Here are a few, have fun:
    (this is adorable):

    (here you have to go through the checkout process, but the patterns are free:

    scroll way down for Liberty Blooms herethere are lots of applique things at pats site):

    (might have to register for these):
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  3. read2me1989's Avatar
    My husband does some woodworking and the rule of thumb for pricing is double the cost of materials. I don't know if it would be the same for quilts but might give you an idea for deciding how much to charge. I think also it would depend on the amount of work going into the quilt--a quilt using a panel would maybe be cheaper than a pieced quilt.???
  4. Helpless quilter's Avatar
    I am looking for a sit down quilting machine. I’ve been eyeing the sweet sixteen. Any recommendations.

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