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by , 11-08-2011 at 07:35 PM (537 Views)
[QUOTE=penny doty;4609717]Hi Sherrie,
I am working hard to stay postive, I know they are all with the good lord now, but what a diffrents that little quilt made, we could not put it on mike, because his fever was to high, and I was wiping him down every few minutes with cold water, but that quilt was so pretty and bright, and so full of love and hope.
GOD bless.
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  1. zz-pd's Avatar
    I went to a exam 11/1/11, they found a lump and swollen lenfent nodes, I go this Friday for diagnostic mamagram and ultra sound, I am already scared, and then last Saturday at about 1:00 am, my tooth decided it was not going to except the crown any longer, and bloomed into a good abcess, so I had to pull my own tooth out, Pain oh ya, went today and got antibiotics and pain meds. the infection is in the jaw now. I found a place that will pay for all the treatment for breast cancer for a yr including the exam I had on the 1st. Sorry for jumping all around in this up dates, I am just a little bit scarred so I jump in writing things down. GOD bless. Penny
  2. zz-pd's Avatar
    Good news, there is no cancer.
    What a releif for us, maybe things will start turning around to the postive side
    for a while,.
    That would be a blessing.
    GOD bless

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